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You Can! Food Preservation Series in Vancouver on Jul 20, 2017 6:00 PM

You Can! Food Preservation Series Vancouver

You Can! Food Preservation Series

Jul 20, 2017 at 6:00 PM

Clark County Extension Offices

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1919 NE 78th Street

Vancouver, WA


100 - 100 USD

Class Series - Learn the basics of food preservation so you can eat well year round by filling your pantry and freezer with the bounty from the Pacific Northwest! These classes bring you up to date on the latest recommendations, teach you how to process your food safely and tell you why you are doing it that way. You will also learn what equipment is needed and proper storage methods. Participants receive printed materials, enjoy an extensive Q&A at the end of the class and taste sample examples of preserved products. All Eight Classes Cover: July 20 - Canning Fruits, Sauces, and Pie fillings Learn the basics of preserving fruits and fruit mixtures. Discover how to can fruits with low sugar, and how to make sauces, and pie fillings. You will also learn how determine if the product is safe to eat. July 27 - Jams & Jellies Learn all the different kinds of jellied products and the different ways to thicken your product, making low sugar jellied products, how to fix a jam that will not set, and more. August 3 - Pickling Fruits and Vegetables Learn how to safely make quick pickles including dill and sweet, refrigerated quick pickles, relishes, fruit pickles, chutney and salads. You will learn how vinegar and processing make these pickles safe, how to keep them crisp, how to tell if a recipe is safe and more. These are all quick process pickles that are not fermented. August 10 - Fermented Vegetables and Yogurt Learn how to prepare refrigerated dill pickles, processed dill pickles, sauerkraut and yogurt. You will learn what type of salt you use in pickling and how to tell if they're done fermenting. With the yogurt you will learn how to make it, types, spoilage and shelf life. Learn trouble-shooting, processing, food safety and what tools and utensils are needed for all of the products in this class. August 17 - Canning Tomatoes and Salsas The many varieties of tomatoes can make preserving tomatoes and salsas challenging. Learn how you can safely preserve salsas and tomato products. August 24 - Dehydrating Fruits and Vegetables Learn the basics of dehydrating produce successfully and what is the best equipment to use for drying. Learn about pre-treatment methods, storage, proper containers and creative ideas. August 31 - Preserving Vegetables, Beans and Soups Learn the basics of pressure canning, how to select a pressure canner and why it is used. Learn the safe procedures for preserving and freezing vegetables, beans, soups and broth. September 7 - Preserving Meat, Fish, Poultry,and making Jerky Learn the basics of pressure canning, drying and freezing meat, fish and poultry. You will also learn the proper method of making jerky.

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